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Our Water Sources

Sardis currently has 8 million gallons/day of water production for use by its members. This production total is a blend of four different sources.

One of these sources is the Trinity Aquifer. We have seven wells developed in this aquifer. The Trinity wells are typically 2,500 feet deep and produce between 300-850 gallons/minute each.

Another source is the Woodbine Aquifer. There are six existing Woodbine wells and the average depth of the sand is 800 feet below the ground surface. These wells produce between 100-195 gallons/minute each.

The third source is a treated water wholesale connection with the Rockett Special Utility District. The water purchase contract provides for more water to be drawn each year. This way, as Sardis Water grows, so will the amount of water that can be purchased. Rockett SUD obtains its water from a surface water treatment plant that is jointly owned by Rockett and the City of Waxahachie and they also purchase treated water from the City of Midlothian.

The fourth source is the recently added treated surface water connection from the City of Midlothian.

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