Water Rates and Bill Calculations

The Service Availability Charge, also referred to as the minimum monthly bill, is determined by the size of the water service. The overwhelming majority of the services on the system are standard residential services and they consist of a 5/8″x3/4″ water meter. The rates for a standard residential service are as follows:

Monthly Minimum – $29.79
Water Included with Minimum Bill – Zero Gallons

Charges for water used is as follows:


Examples of Average Bills

2,000 gallons = $38.87
5,000 gallons = $52.49
10,000 gallons = $75.19
25,000 gallons = $157.29
30,000 gallons = $188.39
60,000 gallons = $385.09
75,000 gallons = $501.59

The average water bill during the off-peak months is for 7,000 gallons ($61.57).
The average water bill during peak or summer months is for 25,000 gallons ($157.29).

How To Calculate A Bill

If the meter readings show a usage of 37,480 gallons,
the bill would be calculated as follows:


Water Bill Calculator
The purpose of this calculator is only to provide you with an ESTIMATE of your water bill based on a specific monthly usage volume. Your actual water bill may vary from the calculator’s estimate depending on the actual length of the billing cycle and any other potential bill adjustments.

New Discounts Available!

For senior citizens and disabled residents, the first 5,000 gallons is now included with the monthly minimum charge!

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