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We’ve Come A Long Way Since 1964!

In the early 1960’s, many rural communities in the State of Texas did not have a reliable source of drinking water for their homes. The State allowed these communities to come together and form Water Supply Corporations that were eventually financed by the Farmers Home Administration. As time has passed, many of these rural areas have developed into suburban communities and Water Supply Corporations such as Sardis-Lone Elm WSC have evolved into regional water providers.

The original manager was Jessie Ohr. As the system grew, so did the responsibilities and the need for more staff. Later, in 1985, Mr. Hugh Inman was hired as the General Manager and he helped transform Sardis-Lone Elm into the water company it is today. Sadly, Mr. Inman passed away in October 2004. He has been missed greatly by all that knew him and we will always be greatful for his many years of dedicated service. Paul Tischler was hired shortly after Mr. Inman’s passing and is still serving the members of the Corporation as the General Manager.

The water system has improved enormously since the first gallon was delivered in 1964. We maintain a modernized and reliable supply of water with constant computerized monitoring, control, and security capabilities. All of the personnel enjoy serving the people of this community and we all say “thank you” for the opportunity.

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