Board Members & G.M. Info

President of the Board: Bill Brandon
Bill is a local business man and rancher. He retired from TU where he worked as an Electrical Engineer.

Vice-President: Billy Getzendaner
Billy is a local business man and rancher.

Sec/Treasurer: Dan Rayfield
Dan is a business owner, former software consultant, and accountant. He is a proud alumnus of Schreiner College and the University of Texas at Austin. Dan is a certified Texas Master Naturalist and serves as Treasurer for the local chapter.

Deputy Sec/Treasurer: Greg Losey

Board Member: Charly  Ruby

Board Member: Jim Rook

Board Member: Alan Krohn

General Manager: Paul Tischler

Paul came to Sardis from the Bethesda Water Supply Corporation in Johnson County and has been employed here since January 1, 2005. He is married with four children.