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Here’s The Newest Information…

NEW WATER METERS are coming system wide. These meters will allow all of our customers to establish an online account with access to the “Eye On Water” database where you will be able to track and trend usage on an hourly/daily/monthly/yearly basis. Leak alerts can be set up that will automatically notify you if a leak on your plumbing is detected. No more unexpected high water bills due to leaks or irrigation. We use readings from the 15th of each month to calculate your bill. Simply track your usage between the 15th of each month and enter the total into the “Water Bill Calculator” on the “Rates” page of our website. Contact the office for more information!.


SCHEDULED IMPROVEMENTS this year include the rehabilitation projects on Kirk Rd, Daisy Ct, Lon Hayes Dr, Francis Lane, and Lonquist Rd in the Country East subdivision. Clinton Lane and Lynnie Pennie Lane will then be scheduled for 2018. Also scheduled for this year is the entire Lakegrove subdivision. These improvements include larger mains increased flows and fire hydrants. Schedules tend to change when emergencies happen or weather delays progress but this is the current plan.


“CONSTANT STATE OF REPAIR” seems to be normal on Joe Wilson Road north of Morning Glory (Old Farmhouse Estates) to Ranch Cedar Estates. Recently, we added a second feed for everything north of Montgomery Road. This has enabled us to begin construction on a new main along this stretch of Joe Wilson. Later in the year, we intend to also replace from Ranch Cedar to Orange Tree Lane.


NEW WATER RATES will take effect in March for the water bills due in May. Please know that everything collected throughout the year is reinvested into this system. The new homes being built in the area are directly paying for new sources of water to accommodate their needs; however, existing groundwater sources are being depleted and must be replaced on a gradual basis. Currently, the cost to obtain 1,000,000 gallons per day of “water rights” is $985,074 and we will be making this purchase later this year to compliment our current arsenal. This does not actually pay for the water; only the right to purchase it! We will also be spending nearly $1.2 million on rehabilitation and replacement of old water mains which will include fire hydrants and repairing existing wells.


We have surveyed neighboring water utilities just to gauge where we stand in the community. It’s hard to compare one system to another because we all face unique challenges such as proximity to source, differing water characteristics requiring different treatment processes, age of infrastructure, etc. Regardless, the results of the survey are as follows:

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