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As a matter of convenience for our customers, we bill sewer for the city of Midlothian when water service is with Sardis. The sewer rates and charges are all determined by the Midlothian's billing department and then we place those charges on the bill. Once we receive payments from the customers, we forward these funds to the city. 


In March of each year, the city requests that we send total water used for each customer during the period of November 15th through February 15th (Winter Average). They will then calculate the average monthly water consumption during that period so they can calculate each customers sewer charges for the next 12 months. Simply put, Sardis provides readings for the calculations that the city will use in determining each customers sewer charges. Conserving as much water as possible during this period can greatly reduce your sewer bill for the entire year. 


Current sewer rates for the city are as follows:


  • Base rate= $29.93

  • Usage charge= $7.79 per 1,000 gallons


Here is  how a sewer bill is calculated using a random number for the Winter Average:


  • Base Rate = $29.93

  • Winter Average of 10,973 gallons per month calculates as ($7.79 x 10.973)= $85.48

  • Total sewer charge is $29.93 + $85.48 = $115.41 per month


We hope this helps to explain how the sewer process works. Please contact Sardis if you have further questions about the water used on your account during the averaging period (November 15-February 15).  Contact the city of Midlothian Utility Billing department @ 972-775-7130 if you have questions about sewer rates or charges. 

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